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Revolutionizing last-mile delivery.

Autonomous micro-fulfillment and distribution.

Future of last-mile delivery.

Revolutionizing the last-mile delivery by digitizing and automating fulfillment and distribution in distributed marketplaces.
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Last-mile delivery is experiencing bottlenecks in the $1T labor-driven fulfillment logistics in distributed marketplaces.
A hardware platform automating on-premise logistics to deliver online orders without human intervention.
Businesses SAVE MONEY delivering orders.
Customers SAVE TIMEpicking up orders.
The first Logistics-on-System (LoS) automation architecture integrating multichannel deposits and receptors, storage, bidirectional workflows, and machine learning into a single lightweight system.
Traditional logistics uses multiple systems to deliver orders that employ runners, sorting, storage, delivery, etc. With Wings' LoS, these logistical systems are combined into a single system for an outstanding delivery bandwidth that is scalable and versatile.

Autonomous micro-fulfillment and distribution.


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