EXO Delivery

Automating the last 10 feet of the retail journey.

Future of To-Go delivery.
Never in your way.

Revolutionizing the last 10-feet of the retail journey with a giant leap forward in performance and versatility for an elevated delivery experience.
in the wild

A real-time hardware platform.
Orders tracked and delivered safely and securely.


Easy to use

Insert the product and forget about it. EXO Delivery will take care of the rest.

Fully Customizable

The rail guide can extend, bend, and go through walls to reach any location of your unique retail setup. It can also hang from the ceiling or alongside your walls.

Customer Delivery

Online to-go orders are on an exponential rise. Informing customers when orders are ready to pickup is one thing; picking their orders within a minute¹ every time is another.

True Ready-to-Pickup time

As soon as the assembled product is put into the system, a real-time notification is sent to the appropriate customer. The product will be protected and secured until a pickup request is initiated.

Under a Minute

The time it takes to find, load, and deliver the product via the HiveRobotic shuttles takes less than a minute. It can also do so concurrently.

AI cloud services.
Real-time data and tracking for an intelligent logistics.


Next-Gen Analytics

•  24/7 Cloud AI Service.
•  Live data storage and archiving.
•  Live AI analysis and insights.
•  Hyper-local delivery logistics.
•  Insights to increase revenue.
•  Data archived for one year.
•  Ensures operational integrity.
•  Remote access to real-time logistics.
•  and more...

How does it compare?


How do I get one?

The first system is currently being installed at Collective Cannabis, Littleton, MA, and fully operational in May. We require a fully refundable deposit of $1,000 (per location) to secure a limited production run for 2022. We will be working with each business on a one-to-one basis.

Contact us to learn more about the system and details of its configuration and services for your specific retail layout.

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