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Wings is an ecosystem of products and services from letsbutterfly to revitalize the services industry by introducing autonomous sustainable businesses designed with proprietary, purpose-built robotics and intuitive end-to-end experiences — beginning with food service.
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Our Commitment

Compared to many industry ecosystems, the services industry stands out to be more closed than others. Businesses and consumers alike tend to be in the dark when it comes to information and processes, while data is fragmented, outdated, and restricted.

Such an environment creates unnecessary layers of friction to investors and young entrepreneurs entering the market. They are facing an increasingly high barrier-to-entry due to the competitive and growing complex nature of the market. It has worsened with the current pandemic.

A more open industry accessible and transparent to everyone brings about opportunities and innovations necessitated across all its sectors. Empowering everyone, business and consumer, with the same cutting-edge tools creates an environment with a more pleasant experience.

Our commitment is to do everything we can to educate, empower, protect, and unify the significant components that make up the services industry with people-first in mind.

Core Mission

We, at letsbutterfly, look at the world differently. When we see breakthrough technology, we imagine how society will change as a result. When we see beautiful art, we get design inspirations for our latest invention. When we see a social trend, we think of ways to disrupt existing industries. When we see a seemingly crazy idea, we try to change the world with it. And when we see great people, we ask ourselves if we are doing the best we can.

The idea behind our company is simple. It gives us a home so we can continue on our pursuit of understanding the needs and opportunities that arise as we progress as a race. When we truly understand them and provide the tools to set the course, the next big things are a natural outcome. For we are entrepreneurs, and dreaming big and striving to build meaningful companies are what we do.

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