Next-generation robotics for dynamic environments.

HiveRobotics is a collective of decentralized,
self-organized systems of HiveRobots.

Go team!
HiveRobots work together to deliver orders directly to every customer — accurately, safely and timely.

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A HiveRobot is a purpose-built robot operating autonomously or as an extension for any other robot in the collective to perform various time-constrained operations regardless of physical connectivity or proximity.

It's free to move all over.
Never in your way.

All is in your reach.

With minimal physical limitations, two or more HiveRobots can dynamically link each other in a virtual chain for a much higher-degree of movement & freedom.

Enjoy that freedom.
Even outside.

The future of retail is one robot.

HiveRobotics is architectured from the core to scale with volumetric space and other sectors in-mind.

Feature highlights


Designed to use minimal energy with sustainability in mind.

Small Footprint

Most of the delivery system is out of the way while the floor space is left for people to roam uninhibited.


Our percision robot are designed to operate quietly while offering smooth and natural harmonic movements.


HiveRobots can operate 24/7 without any downtime even during partial upgrades or maintenance.

Safe and Clean

All the materials and components used is to insure the most safe, clean, and personalized experience for all.


Robots learn and continue to be more intuitive to your needs.


Robots continue monitoring internal and external liveliness for efficient and personalized experiences.


Nectar can operate autonomously delivering first-class experiences to all customers. This allows the creator to take back their time and work on creating their next product.


Multiple Nectars connect and communicates with others (Nectars or people) to understand the current environment and offer the best experience in real-time.


Internationalization support is built-in from the ground up. Everyone is able to operate and communicate in their respective language — even the menu.


Connect with the HiveNetwork using a crypto-based HiveID. This ID is unique to you and your data and is passwordless.


These robots can operate and fulfill tasks at least as twice more than any standard robotic system for the same volumetric space.

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