• Wings, an emerging AI and robotics startup has signed a partnership with talabat, the MENA region’s leading local tech platform to utilize and operate a fully automated, next-generation cloud kitchen in the UAE.
  • The first-of-its-kind in the MENA region cloud kitchen will be fully operational in 2023, with automated transportation, storage and handling of orders throughout the process.

Dubai, UAE • 20th, December, 2022 Wings, an emerging AI and robotics startup developing autonomous, sustainable systems for the services industry, announces its collaboration with talabat, the MENA region’s leading local tech platform.Through this partnership, talabat will utilize Wings’ automated workflow, storage, and delivery hardware platform for a first-of-its-kind in the MENA region, HiveRobotics cloud kitchen.

The first next-generation talabat Cloud Kitchen will be fully operational in 2023 at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai - with plans to expand to other markets in the region soon - and will operate by simultaneously transporting, storing, and handing orders from its 25 kitchen stalls to riders through five external portals. Wings' system is designed to intuitively automate the flow of products from each kitchen to multiple delivery portals, while taking up zero floor space in the kitchens, hallways, and pickup areas.

Commenting on the partnership, Rudy Moussa, Head of Construction at talabat said: “The worldwide macro trend in Cloud Kitchens’ growth is only at its early stages. We’re thrilled to partner with Wings and collaborate to conceptualize the future of cloud kitchens - this will help us in continuously enhancing operational efficiencies without sacrificing the quality of service.”
“Additionally, this gives us more insight into the need for more automated, streamlined, and versatile innovative solutions for order management and delivery - which all contribute to providing an exceptional experience to every stakeholder involved. This solution will also support restaurants in the region in their everyday operations, and will help optimize their costs.” adds Moussa.

Instead of riders picking up completed orders from a shelf, kitchen staff will place the orders inside a kitchen portal, where they will be picked up by a robotic shuttle to be sorted and handed to a rider when ready. When ready for pick up, riders will scan their smartphone at an available AI portal - enabling a shuttle to pick up the order from storage and deliver it to the rider.

Haitham Al-Beik, CEO of Wings said, “We’re glad to have the opportunity to work closely with talabat to pilot this next generation cloud kitchen in the region, beginning with the UAE. The robotics system, and several patent-pending technologies, will help reduce the risk of human errors while ensuring operations run as smoothly as possible.”
“At the same time, the front-facing experience is fully automated, offering elevated operations with extra bandwidth to spare in order to offer customers an unparalleled experience.", says Al-Beik.

Our HiveRobotics system will have around 30 shuttles that move on a ceiling-mounted track system to perform time-constrained operations without obstructing operations. Unlike traditional and industrial conveyor systems, the HiveRobotics system is lightweight and uses lower energy, allowing shuttles to travel at an average speed of around 4-5 mph that operate wirelessly, independently, and autonomously from other shuttles to ensure all orders are stored, sorted, and delivered efficiently and safely.

Talabat aims to offer an unparalleled experience and sustainable operation to partner brands by offering premium cloud kitchen services that create and deliver high-quality food in a timely and consistent manner while minimizing wait time for riders. The project's first phase will focus on enhancing the rider pickup experience, while the second phase will focus on extending the experience to customer pickup.

Consumers can order their favorite meals by downloading the talabat application on the iOS App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery.



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