Could you share the genesis story behind Wings?

Wings began as a fundamental research and development lab to address the complexities and frictions of the services industry. The industry has grown more labor intensive, surrounded by non-cohesive, vendor-driven components on non-standard logistics and operations, diminishing the industry’s creative potential and resulting in no innovation or increase in entrepreneurship. The barrier to entry has only become higher and more complex for any individual to enter the space regardless of their experience or intended sector. It’s no surprise that the decline in economic value is due to its non-sustainable approach to businesses, policies, ecology, and people.

Wings aims to introduce a new infrastructure (system architecture) in which next-generation autonomous and sustainable businesses reside with a people-first ecosystem. Humanity needs a new environment to aid in the transition away from a survival mindset by leveling the playing field through eliminating labor work and addressing climate change and inequality in underserved communities.

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