Wings, an emerging AI startup developing autonomous businesses for all, today announced the opening of its local R&D lab based in Littleton, MA, where the company will continue working on HiveRobotics, a unique collective of decentralized, self-organized robotic systems meant for the services industry.

The lab will serve as the company’s homebase as it builds and tests its proprietary technology designed to first disrupt the foodservice space with fully autonomous brick-and-mortar businesses that offer hyper-personalized customer experiences.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new lab, which signifies hope and momentum here at home as we look ahead to a post-pandemic world that slowly but surely feels within reach,” says Haitham Al-Beik, CEO of Wings. “Our mission is to develop first-to-market robotics that will serve as fully autonomous foodservice businesses, opening the door for new economic opportunities and ultimately transforming the industry at large.”

Despite futuristic depictions in pop culture, experts believe automation and human ingenuity will work together to create a more efficient economic ecosystem—one in which many new jobs are created. The benefits of automation can already be seen in the foodservice industry. Automation results in less waste and provides contactless solutions for safer, more sanitary food service. Autonomous foodservice businesses also create new turn-key opportunities for entrepreneurship without the bloat of franchise startup costs.

Wings is currently building a next-generation of “HiveRobotics”, a collective of decentralized, self-organized systems that work together to deliver food orders directly to every customer—accurately, safely, and timely—with hyper-personalization at the forefront. A HiveRobot is a purpose-built robot operating autonomously or as an extension for any other robot in the collective to perform various time-constrained operations regardless of physical connectivity or proximity.  

The founders bring 40+ years of combined experience in Software, Hardware, AI, Industrial, and Robotics Engineering. “We’re excited to contribute to our local, growing innovation hub in a meaningful way,” says Haitham. The lab is now open by appointment only for prospective investors, partners, and customers. Learn more at


Developed with people-first in mind, Wings produces autonomous businesses designed with purpose-built robotics and intuitive end-to-end experiences. Wings offers a real-time platform for intuitive delivery of services without human intervention. To learn more: